1 Hour Breathing Apparatus

This unit has proven to be a much more efficient pack in design, weight, and breathing duration. Recently this 4 liter, 1 hour version was built and human tested with great success.

All of our packs are fitted with a patented Attitude independent pickup (AIP) which allows commodity pickup up to 90 degrees off-axis. A first of its kind.

2 Hour Breathing Apparatus

All versions of our liquid air packs undergo rigorous human testing protocols.

All our units are equipped with the patented Attitude Independent Pickup (AIP) which allows for commodity pickup up to 90 degrees.

Thermal Cooling Vest

These vests will keep the person cooled and protected even in the most extreme heat.

The temperature of direct sunlight on the wearer’s shirt in the photo is at 106.6 degrees Fahrenheit and the cooling vest is at 62.1 degrees.

Zero Loss Tank

The unit is outfitted with a Cryomech Cryocooler allowing it to be a Zero Loss system.

A portable tank allows users to refill their own tanks on-site.

Liquid Air Generator

Generate your own liquid air on site to store in the zero loss tank. This is useful for hard to reach or otherwise inaccessible locations.

Life Support Tent

A self contained atmospheric protective ensemble supplied by liquid air through a hose line. This liquid air supplied hose line system can be connected to a zero loss tank. The box is Similaire’s CryoRAAS (Refuge Alternative Supply System) using Liquid Air as its source commodity.